Interior Design participation in this week's Undergraduate Research Forum (URF)

The interior design 498 senior I students are all prepared to participate in the Undergraduate research forum (URF) taking place from April 28th- 29th , 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, under the supervision of Dr. Fatma Hasanain and Dr. Nadia Arafah in the lobby of Building 104.

The objective of the Undergraduate Research Forum (URF) is to provide students with opportunities to gain valuable presentation experience, connect with dedicated supervisors for guidance, and expand their knowledge and skills, fostering growth and innovation in academic research and inquiry.

Each student's research delves into insightful topics such as women's health centers, pediatric clinics, retirement centers, holistic healing centers,  special needs educational facilities and memory care centers. The students have conducted thorough research, gathered quantitative data through surveys & interviews, and delivered analysis through infographics.