Speak about the Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Prince Sultan University Toastmasters Reflect and

Speak about the Sustainable Development Goals 2030

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TM Club Meeting Highlights

Over 40 students participated in the Prince Sultan University Toastmasters Club meeting about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) on November 7, 2021. First, Dr. Tahira Hoke (Club Founder) announced the word of the day as 'Sustainability,' reviewed the definition, and shared PSU's SDG 2030 website https://www.psu.edu.sa/en/PSU-commitment-to-SDG2030. Second, Toastmasters Rida Khan (President) and Toastmaster Shayma Jamil Nasser Nasser helped organize students play the Table Topics impromptu speech game. Three members were selected to speak for one minute about the following: No Poverty (SDG#1), No Hunger (SDG#2), and Good Health and Well-being (SDG#3). For example, Toastmaster Nora Salamah reflected on SDG#2. She said, "PSU's initiation of putting vending machines for quick access to food, whether it's healthy food and unhealthy, as well as hot and cold food. I am grateful for PSU's position in the SDG because I feel content that food can be accessed all around me based on my needs and wants, as well as the restaurants and cafes that are available for all." 


As a member of the SDG Committee #17 Partnerships Committee, Dr. Tahira reminded Toastmasters about the importance of the Sustainability Goals now and in the future. She said, "Toastmasters, future CEOs, and future Ministers, the 2030 SDGs are going to shape your careers. Instead of SDG 2030, countries are now making goals for 2050. The SDGs will be important to all of us for a long time." Rida Khan expressed, "I really liked how we discussed important, influential matters like the SDG, especially in the context of PSU. It gives me the joy to see how far we have come in implementing measures to achieve these goals. Ms. Babita Mukherjee (Toastmasters Club Coordinator) recalled, "It was an honor to be a part of the meeting today. The students were enthusiastic about learning about the concept of sustainability. For the future, we can choose one SDG goal as a theme for each meeting to create more awareness and vision about SDG." Future club meetings will include educational sessions about other Sustainable Development Goals (e.g., SDG 5: Gender Equality, SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, SDG 16: Peace Justice and Strong Institutions, and SDG 17 Partnerships).

TM Club Information  

The PSU Toastmasters Club was first established in 2005, meets once a week on Sundays (12-1 p.m.), and was one of the first university-based women’s clubs in Saudi Arabia.  For more information about the PSU Toastmasters, please email thoke@psu.edu.sa and visit www.toastmasters.org.