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Scanning, Printing and Photocopying Policy at Central Library

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Policy Name: Scanning, Printing and Photocopying Policy at Central Library
Handler: Central Library
Date Created: 15 August 2020
Date of Current Review: 15 August 2020
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The purpose of this policy is to provide a set or rules governing the use of library scanners, printers and photocopy machines.



Copyright: The legal rights that the authors, creators and publishers have over their literary and published works.

PSU Credentials: The username and password that PSU affiliates use to check their official emails and LMS.

USB Flash Drive: A removable device with flash memory to store the data. ITC: Information Technology Center - a non-academic department at PSU that provide computer facilities to faculty, staff and students.

Policy Statement

Central Library provides printing, scanning and photocopying facilities free of cost to its users. Machines are placed at both the libraries and are available for use on self-service bases.


  • PSU credentials needed to login to photocopy machines and computers.
  • Printing and photocopying limits for faculty, students and staff is governed by ITC.
  • Staff at Central Library provide help on using the machines. Staff will not do scans, photocopies and print out for users.
  • Users are encouraged to print and photocopy only the necessary pages considering environmental effects.
  • Violating copyright laws is an offence. Printing, photocopying and scanning activities must be in line with the local and international copyright laws.
  • A machine may fail to print, scan or photocopy due to technical/not technical reason. Please report the problem to the nearest staff member.
  • If multiple users intend to use the service simultaneously, users may be requested to reduce their scans and photocopies to limited pages.
  • The scanners can be customized to scan documents in color, of various page sizes, formats and resolutions.
  • Scanned documents can be saved in USB drive directly or emailed to users email accounts.


The policy applies to PSU students, faculty, administrative staff and library personnel.


Users bear the responsibility of any legal implications of their use of scanned, printed and photocopied material. Central Library will not be held responsible for any infringement of copyright laws by users


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