Identify and Engage with Local Stakeholders

Stakeholders Involvement Policy

The Colleges and the Departments established an "Advisory Board" (AB), which is a selected group of experts representing industry and society. Thus, A policy is created to provide guidelines for establishing the (AB) to help develop and maintain a strong partnership between PSU and relevant constituencies to improve the quality of the academic programs, and address the different needs of the jobs market.

See Stakeholders Involvement Policy

CBA Advisory Board/Industrial Board

In an attempt to improve the CBA programs and provide the markets with qualified and skilled graduates, The CBA Council is advised by the CBA Industrial Advisory Board, which consists of business, government, and academic leaders as well as alumni from a cross-section of industries, government bodies, and higher education institutions in KSA.

The Advisory Boards (AB) provide support and advice to academic programs, assist in the development of new programs, and identify best practices standards. They help the programs designers to be at the level of the job market expectations.

See CBA Advisory Board/Industrial Board