Provide Expert Advice to Government

Participation on the International Conference & Exhibition for Education 2022


Hand in hand with the governments, higher education is helping and assisting in raising the quality of teaching and learning. Every year the Ministry of Education organizes the International Conference & Exhibition for Education, which is a forum to meet, to exchange the ideas and to present on different topics related to education, such as the role of the University to raise the quality of education, the challenges and opportunities, the role of private universities in raising the quality of teaching and learning. These expert opinions are shared with the Ministry to help take the appropriate decision as to educational matters.

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Participation in the UN Environment Program - UNEP YEA! Global Summit 2022


Building a sustainable tomorrow goes in line with the sustainable vision 2030. The Government and the Higher education institutions work together to address SDG’s to develop effective, accountable and transparent institutions. The announcement of Saudi Arabia of reaching net zero by 2060 is in line with the vision 2030 to achieve sustainability goals and goals to accelerate the energy transition. This has motivated Prince Sultan University to put the Sustainable Development Goals at the heart of its mission. Prince Sultan University is the first Saudi university to pledge net zero carbon by 2060.

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Center for Local Governance


The Center for Local Governance at Prince Sultan University is responsible for conducting research studies and advisory services. Besides, the Center conducts events, and designs specialized management training courses for a multitude of national governmental agencies. The center also hosts special governmental projects.

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