What are the normal timings of TLC workshops and seminars?
Normally, TLC offers 1-hour sessions and in a few cases 2 to 4-hour sessions. The timing of short workshops is 1 hour and they are mostly conducted during break time from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. In the case of detailed workshops and training, the timing starts after classes, which is 3:00 pm and onwards. Most importantly, the timings are mentioned in every TLC announcement.
Where is the location of TLC events?
Does the TLC have an office to contact?
Is there any fixed time to visit TLC for any query and decision?
How can I get information for any TLC workshop and training?
Can I request for a workshop on a specific topic?
Is there any deadline to apply?
Do I need to bring any material or hardware (Laptop) for TLC events?
Is there any benefit of attending TLC events?
Are there any fees for the PSU community for TLC events?
How can I register for TLC events?
What is the definition of Professional Development at PSU?
How many hours of PD are required in an academic year?
What is program assessment?