Academic Service Learning

Elite Overview:

We have partnered with Elite UK and Monsha’at to provide small and medium enterprises with skills and tools to grow as a business and succeed in our ever-changing economy.


SMEs provide job opportunities for the Saudi people and foster economic empowerment for youth and women. They contribute to the growth and diversity of the economy. Also, they are critical to reduce poverty and contribute to rural and regional development. SMEs can significantly increase their contribution to exports (faster than large corporations). Furthermore, they allow to explore new areas of innovation and graduate new champions and they enable national entrepreneur by building strengthened supply chain and increased competitiveness.


ELITE is a unique platform designed to help the UK's most exciting and ambitious private companies prepare and structure for their next stage of growth. It facilitates structured engagement between the UK's most exciting private growth companies, entrepreneurs and business leaders as well as the corporate advisory and investor community.

ELITE is a three-part service of education, business support, mentoring and access delivered in collaboration with Imperial College Business School.

  • The program started February 5th and will end April 8, 2019. There were 50 attendees and 20 companies overall.
  • Program: First Cohort:

    • Module 1: Strategic Thinking and Growth
    • Module 2: Evaluation for Financial Needs
    • Module 3: Human Resources
    • Module 4: Governance
    • Module 5: IPO Model
    • Module 6: Marketing
    • Module 7: Equity

    Masar Overview:

    In accordance with the vision of the CSCEC department to educate students, we will conduct the Masar Program for the third time. Masar is a pre-college program designed for high school students to help educate them on how to differentiate between the various departments and majors PSU has to offer. Ms. Nafla and students in collaboration with CSCEC will start the program very soon.

    - We Are Expecting Around 50-60 Students For This Program. Masaar Usually Runs For 2 Weeks, And By The End Of The Program, Students Will Be Enlightened And Knowledgeable About Their Next Step.