How to take a risk in investment

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How to take a risk in investment

How to take a risk in investment

Organized by: Finance students club under the supervision of Dr. Nevi Danila Presenter: Mr. Nabeel Al Noor Brief Description: Mr. Nabeel Al Noor is a representative of Graphene Venture (Co-founder). He gave a talk about how to take a risk in investment on 30th of September, 2019. He elaborated about his success journey in the investment world. He explained the students about Venture Capitals. His story is about how he poached a deal with Barcelona and Real Madrid that turned out to be worth millions when he was a regular employee. He compared practices of Stanford students to Saudi students, and how they deal with them as a Ventura Capital representative. Finally, he advised to enter the Venture Capitals world and to start a startup.


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