UN-PSU Diagnostic Paper Launch Event

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UN-PSU Diagnostic Paper Launch Event

UN-PSU Diagnostic Paper Launch Event

UN-PSU Diagnostic Paper Launch Event

Socio-Economic impact of COVID-19 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and how to build Back Better

This report was prepared to assess the Kingdom's response in combating COVID-19 through the United Nations’ framework which was used in similar studies around the world.

The ultimate goal of this paper is to arrive at how the United Nations can bring the best practice to support the efforts of the government in battling COVID-19’s effects and building back better.


Activity Presenter
1 PSU Introductory Presentation Video about PSU
2 PSU President Speech Dr. Ahmed Alyamani
3 UN Introductory Presentation Video about UN
4 UN Resident Coordinator Speech HE Nathalie Fustier
5 UNDP Resident Representative Speech Dr. Adam Bouloukos
6 Brief Presentation of the Report Dr. Mohamad Aljebreen
Dr. Mohammed Mudawi
Dr. Aljaz Kuncic
Meeting the Press and Joint Picture

*Live broadcast will be available at PSU YouTube channel.


Socio-Economic Impact of COVID-19