The certified three-day workshop was conducted by the EE-Tech Student Club, College of Engineering, in coordination with the Renewable Energy Lab to benefit the students to grab knowledge in MATLAB and Simulink. A total of nine students registered and attended this workshop, and all the students were successfully trained by Dr Maged Esmail, Dr Mahajan Sagar Bhaskar, and Engr. Sivakumar Selvam. On the first day of the workshop, the topic "Introduction of MATLAB, Desktop Overview, MATLAB Commands, Matrices, Arrays, Saving and Importing Data, M-file Script, and User Functions, Data Visualization, MATLAB Help, if statements and loops, Projects" are covered with hands-on practice. On the second day of the workshop, "Introduction to Simulink, Simulink libraries, SimPowerSystems tools, circuit simulation, and analysis of circuits" were discussed, and students were instructed to handle the MATLAB Simulink platform. The third day started with the introduction to Arduino and digital controllers. The hardware support package in MATLAB Simulink, installation, and configuration of hardware design in the Simulink environment, C - code generation, demonstration in interfacing Arduino microcontroller and programming from MATLAB, live code execution and tuning, additional demos on Arduino and peripherals were discussed with hands-on practice. On the same day, students were given a brief introduction to the application of MATLAB in a real-time application in the Power Electronics Domain. The knowledge gained in this training will help the students while working on academic or industrial projects, internships in companies, and careers after graduation.