PSU Electrical Engineering Faculty and Students Explore "EV Show 2023" and Forge Networking with Electromin CEO

The Electrical Engineering Students of the College of Engineering, Prince Sultan University (PSU), recently ventured into the exciting world of electric vehicles (EVs) by attending the "EV Show 2023" expo organized by Electromin. Accompanied by Dr. Umashankar Subramaniam, Associate Professor; Mr. Sivakumar Selvam, Lecturer; and Dr. Prabhakaran, Postdoctoral Fellow (Renewable Energy Lab), a group of enthusiastic electrical engineering students embarked on a journey that left them both enlightened and inspired.

The "EV Show 2023" expo, hosted at a prestigious venue, offered a glimpse into the cutting-edge developments in EV technology. PSU's delegation had the unique opportunity to explore industrial EV charger products, learn about electric vehicles (EVs) classes, and delve into their intricate operational details. Esteemed companies such as Circontrol, ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Volvo, Nissan, and Mercedes-Benz's EV truck division showcased their latest innovations, leaving students with a comprehensive understanding of the rapidly evolving EV landscape.

The visit also included an exciting encounter with Mr. Kalyana Sundaram, CEO of Electromin. Students eagerly interacted with Mr. Kalyana Sundaram, sharing their passion for EV technologies and discussing their career aspirations. In a heartening gesture, Mr. Sundaram expressed his genuine interest in supporting these aspiring engineers. He offered internship opportunities at Electromin, enabling students to gain hands-on experience in the dynamic world of electric mobility. Furthermore, he extended a warm invitation for the students to visit Electromin's head office, where they can witness the company's services firsthand and explore its cutting-edge technologies.

Dr. Umashankar Subramaniam praised the expo's outcomes and the encounter with Mr. Sundaram. "This experience has broadened our students' horizons. Mr. Sundaram's mentorship and willingness to provide opportunities exemplify the collaborative spirit of the EV industry."

Mr. Sivakumar Selvam, lecturer at PSU, underscored the educational significance of such interactions. "Our students observed the future of EV technology and established invaluable connections with industry leaders. These experiences inspire our students and set them on a path to contribute significantly to the sustainable future of transportation."

Prince Sultan University remains committed to equipping its students with practical experiences and industry connections, ensuring they are well-prepared to lead the charge in the evolving field of electrical engineering and sustainable technology. The "EV Show 2023" visit exemplifies PSU's dedication to nurturing the next generation of electrical engineers and innovators.