Dr. Dhafer Al-Makhles participates in the conference on accelerating the future of sustainable energy in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Dhafer Al-Makhlis, Head of the Communications and Networks Engineering Department at the University of Prince Sultan, has participated at the Conference on Accelerating the Future of Energy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in his capacity as the head of the Renewable Energy Laboratory at Prince Sultan University.

The conference was held in “The front of Riyadh” during the period of November 4-5. This event was attended by more than one hundred and fifty speakers, and more than three hundred exhibitors, in five various paths, with the attendance of more than eight thousand visitors to the conference.

Al Mukhles spoke about the future of sustainable energy in the Kingdom, and its importance in the development of Saudi Arabia, as well as its contribution to achieving the nation’s Vision 2030. Moreover, he talked about the challenges of support Research in the industry and localization of technology in general, and renewable energy science in particular.