Prizes and Rewards

The university pays great attention to motivating all faculty members and administrative staff to demonstrate quality, excellence and creativity in managing and performing their work tasks by presenting awards in an annual ceremony held at the beginning of the academic year with the presence of all university members and according to specific procedures and standards.

The Human Resources Department is responsible for selecting the best employee from the administrative units in both campuses, through nomination procedures and specific criteria. The names are presented to a special committee chaired by the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, in order to determine the final winners of the best male and female administrative employee. Winners are honored at the annual ceremony and certificates of appreciation are presented to them in addition to the specified financial award.

Administrative Staff Winners

Staff Name Academic Year
Ms. Lanie Klinkner & Mr. Samy Fetih 2022-2023
Ms. Thekra Al-Al-Mubaddel & Mr. Abdullah Al-Alhashil 2021-2022
Ms. Maha Al-Malik, Mr. Abdullah Al-Ghamdi & Mr. Nabil Awad 2020-2021
Ms. Hafsah Al- Ekrish and Mr. Nagan Paskaran 2018-2019
Ms. Jawahr Al-Otibi and Mr. Abdulrheman Hamd 2017-2018