Students' Union

Student Council

Student Council

The students’ council is a kind of union, supporting the students by mentoring them and giving them orientation sessions, especially for the Preparatory year. It is an elected council with a wide range of activities and authorities. It is an opportunity for students to express their opinions and to develop their leadership skills.

Additionally, elections for the Student Council are held annually with the main focus on diversity and overall representation. Students Council is committed to academic excellence and scholarship, community service, integrity, and leadership.

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Student Orientation Program | ASK ME Campaign

Student Clubs and Activities

During the event Welcoming Days of the second semester of Academic Year 2022-2023; the student council initiated the Ask Me campaign, which is aimed at helping newly inducted students with any questions they may have. The Student Council members spend time in each building in the university while wearing the Ask Me Vests, and they do so for the entire week of orientation. The questions they receive are mainly regarding classes, locations, majors, and offices, all of which are questions the student council is well-prepared to answer.

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