Community Workshops

CSCEC welcomes any knowledge seeker from society to have an opportunity of attending valuable workshops presented by PSU faculty members for free of charge. CSCEC workshops covered various several topics where anyone can gain a piece of knowledge or skill within a few hours or days.

Al-Ghamlas presents a lecture entitled (Activating Community Service and Continuing Education Centers in Schools)

27-October -2022

His Excellency Eng. Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al-Ghamlas, Director of Community Service and Continuing Education at the University, gave a lecture entitled (Activating Community Service and Continuing Education Centers in Schools) at the Enterprise Support Center in Riyadh, within the Education Week organized by the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (Monshaat), and also The Ministry of Education and establishments operating in this sector were invited to present their successful experiences, and Eng. Al-Ghamlas was invited to present the university's experience and demonstrate its distinguished role through community service and continuing education center. The meeting aimed to clarify the roles that community service and continuing education centers can play in schools, similar to what they play in university education, which is an example and a model for the many roles they provide at Prince Sultan University, which the community attests to, and whose virtue is known. The meeting touched on several axes, the most important of which was clarifying the concept of community service and continuing education, international partnerships, and presenting a realistic experience of the concept of community service and continuing education that was applied and proved successful at Prince Sultan University through the community service unit at the center.

The Community Service and Continuing Education Center organizes a workshop entitled Canva Workshp

December - 2022

The Community Service and Continuing Education Center, in cooperation with the College of Computer and Information Sciences at the university, organized a workshop entitled Canva Workshp. The workshop, which was held on Tuesday, December 6th via Google Meet, aimed at training trainees from inside and outside the university on using Canva, design skills, and how to create professional designs. The workshop focused on (Why do we use Canva?, What can I create with Canva?, create an account, templates, fonts, colors, backgrounds, shapes, and layouts, in addition to practical exercises for all sections).

Arabic Language Analysis Workshop Sessions

(Weekly 25 January-07 March 2019)

CSCEC implemented several sessions of Arabic Language Analysis workshops in collaboration with the General Courses Department presented by PSU faculty member. The workshops targeted females from society interested in knowing more of Arabic as a Language. The main aim was to raise awareness of our culture among society. The number of attendees was 31 and it took place every Saturday from 9:00 am-11:00 am. The attendees from the public were glad and gratitude to find an academic venue as PSU where they can share their interest in Arabic Language Knowledge.

Holy Qur’an Workshop Sessions

(07-November-2019), (13-February-2020)

In collaboration with Hulla club supervised by General Courses Department, CSCEC organized two workshops for Holy Qura’an analysis. Both sessions were on Thursdays from 12:00 pm-2:00 pm. The number of attendees it total was 190 visitors. Those two workshops were presented by an advisor and instructor in the religious field of analyzing and explaining the values of Holy Qur’an. The main aim was to provide our society with a knowledge of our religion and values that we as Muslims must have which will definitely reflect on the minds and hearts of the individuals to be better persons in their society. Moreover, to encourage PSU students, staff, and public visitors to enrich their religious knowledge. Therefore, the topics of the two presented workshops were as following:



Sign Language Workshop


CSCEC values deaf and hard of hearing individuals with diverse perspectives, experiences, and abilities. We embrace diversity and inclusiveness as core values in achieving our mission. Therefore, CSCEC in collaboration with Saudi Sign Language Association organized a workshop to deliver Sign Language presented by experts in the field. The workshop was conducted in the evening time and 25 persons deaf and hard of hearing were attending the workshop. They were so glad and grateful to have an opportunity for gaining an important language for them in an easy access venue as PSU.

Arabic Language Advanced Workshop


Photography Workshop

(4-5 December 2017 and 11-12 December 2017)

CSCEC implemented several four times sessions of Arabic Language specifically in a Grammar skill in a way of simplifying and understanding Holy Qura’an. As well as, connecting the community in the university through spreading the academic atmosphere. The sessions were presented by a PSU faculty member from the General Courses Department. The number of attendees as total was 124 visitors from the public. They were glad and gratitude to find an academic venue as PSU where they can share their interest in understanding the beauty of Holy Qura’an Arabic Language.

As part of the CSCEC mission and vision to provide programs and Workshop to the community which will enrich their skills in different fields, we conducted a photography workshop. The main objectives of the program were to help community individuals, as well as PSU students, to understand the fundamentals of photography, different types of photographs, what are the uses of the camera, and its parts and how to use the zoom property as well as some practical sessions as a way to develop the knowledge for the talented photographers in the community.

Evidence Based Design Workshop

(27-28-29 November 2018)

As an initiative from ID Department communicated with CSD"Character Society of Designers", CSCEC collaborated to deliver a workshop ID and Arch students from any university as well as PSU ones and anyone interested in the field. The workshop attendees was 12 and will be certified by the CSD from London. The Chartered Society of Designers CSD, is the professional body for designers representing them in all design disciplines. The course aimed to enrich the technical designing knowledge in such a specific program for designers for where they can be able to use it independently. It was for three days from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

It covered the value of using reliable evidence in healthcare projects, and how, through research, design solutions are empirically evaluated and evidence is generated. Moreover, explored history and development of Evidence-Based Design through its current definition and defined the key steps of the evidence-based design process. An in-depth look at the research process as it applies to healthcare design, as well as methodologies for doing that research.

Revit For Beginners Workshop

(25-26 November 2018)

As an initiative from ID Department communicated with CSD"Character Society of Designers", CSCEC collaborated to deliver a workshop ID and Arch students from any university as well as PSU ones and anyone interested in the field. The workshop attendees were 12 and will be certified by the CSD from London. It was for two days from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Entrepreneurship Technical Techniques Workshop

(26-27-28 November 2018)

The course introduced Architecture and Interior Design participants to Revit for Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a means to convey geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, as well as quantities and properties of building components. In this course, the basics of maintaining project data within a single file were learned, as well as generating plans, sections, RCPs, perspectives and elevations. As outcomes from the course, the participants gained a knowledge on Command and tools, Basic competent of modeling, Rendering, lighting and other visualized drawings.

As an initiative by CSIS faculty member, CSCEC provided An Entrepreneurship Technical Techniques Workshop for its first time. It targeted any female entrepreneur who would like to improve her business wisely via the most updated technological tools. This will definitely increase the success of many raising entrepreneurs’ projects in society. The other main aim for this workshop was to feed PSU students with a work experience to build their personalities which will go along with their high academic excellence by giving them an opportunity to prepare, create material, and present the workshop to their colleagues from PSU or any entrepreneurs from society. The workshop conducted in a three days duration from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Mathematics Methods Workshop

(3,10 November 2018)

As an initiative from General Courses Department, CSCEC, collaborated to deliver a workshop targeted instructors and teachers who are interested in perusing a career in education. Filtration for the registered participants was chosen by the department upon limitation of seats. This was just to ensure that all the registered ones are graduated in a major of mathematics and wanted to teach as career life. The number of selected attendees was 20. The workshop was conducted on two days on Saturdays by two specialized PSU faculty members from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. By implementing this workshop, CSCEC emphasized on empowerment as its main goal.

Photoshop for Beginners Workshop

(November 27,29 2017 and December 4,6,11,13, 2017)

CSCEC is seeking the required skills in the job market to be delivered to community individuals and improve their knowledge. Photoshop becomes to be required in most of nowadays jobs. Therefore, Photoshop for Beginners has conducted. The workshop was designed for any person with minimal or no experience in Photoshop. This workshop was delivered for two times in a row. The first time was for two days while the second one was for four days. Both were during evening time from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm to be suitable for anyone to join.

Green Building Lecture

(February 12-16, 2017 and October 22, 2018)

Green Building was a lecture in a form of forum organized by ID Department in collaboration with CSCEC. It was implemented on two stages; the first one was a conducted LEED course presented by PSU alumni for four days. The next stage was organizing a forum where PSU welcomed a guest speaker. He was the Vice President of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) who highlighted the next step in sustainability which aligns with the 2030 Environmental Sustainability Vision. Then the main goal was to raise awareness and to inform the community about the professional knowledge regarding the KSA Green Building Industry. Followed by PSU presentation about LEED, presented by Tae Yi, PSU faculty member. At the end of the forum, LEED certifications were distributed to the participants.

LEED course started for the first time with 12 participants then the number increased dramatically to 81 on the forum day.