Community Events

Career Expo

Career Expo was held for the 9th time under the patronage of His Highness Prince Dr Abdulaziz bin Mohammed bin Ayyaf, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Prince Sultan University and it was a special one due to the cooperation between the men and women campus for the first time and it was opened to both male and female visitors from the public to reach a wide unemployed category from our society which is stated in CSCEC vision and mission.

This addition made the Ninth Career Expo so attractive to the sponsors from the huge major authorities in the country after god blessings. The Career Expo was generously sponsored by National Bank as a strategic sponsor for SR 150,000. STC is a co-sponsor of 100,000 riyals as well as Saudi Investment Bank. Career Expo 9th includes an opening ceremony attended by CEOs representatives of big companies, several workshops, mock interviews, and other activities related to the employment field.

Career Expo allows job seekers to find job opportunities that suit their qualifications. It also gives employers from all entities the chance to communicate directly with this segment of society in order to fulfil the contribution to the service of the community in a constructive way for this country. Also, it engages the exchange of experiences between employers from different government and private sectors under one roof, which is "Career Expo".

Eleven workshops and activities were accompanied with Career Expo such as; CV Screening, Mock Interview which mainly focused on strategies of looking for a job as well as improving career required skills for the job seekers in Career Expo. Those workshops and activities are also aiming to open doors and opportunities for joining new various fields as including several subjects that will benefit the job seekers male and female..

Career Expo also highlighted on PSU graduates who became PSU ambassadors in the job market place via presenting their role positions in their nowadays careers.

Career Expo had an outstanding impact and a wide range of media coverage over several local newspapers:

The number of visitors was almost 3000 who have visited PSU for Career Expo.

The next Career Expo was held by Prince Sultan University for the 10th year in a row and was marked for being open for three days also for both genders from the public, the participation of big sponsors and companies as well as encouraging the young entrepreneurs to have their spots there.

In an addition to all that, "Tamheed" program was a great effective main addition to Career Expo 10th where the visitors will have an opportunity of taking a personality international certified test and the result of 7 pages will be discussed in an individual discussion by qualified PSU faculty members. This will lead the job seeker to find the most suitable types of jobs in relation to his/her personality.

"Tamheed" is a program of Psychometric Assessments that are a scientific method of evaluating an individual’s abilities, personality traits and interests. They have been proven to help users make more objective and informed decisions in many areas including recruitment, selection, training, development, and career guidance. This unique, valuable resource is now available to workforce development initiatives and career centers throughout the Arab world. Tamheed utilizes two distinct types of assessments to measure different aspects of each candidate’s ability: cognitive and personality. Tamheed helps students become aware of their personal skills, qualities, aptitudes, and interest to make the most of their educational choice career path.

Career Expo 10th was a remarkable one by the addition of distribution prizes to the visitors from the community:

STC as a strategic sponsor for Career Expo 10th was glad to pick the winners:

Furthermore, Career Expo 10th highlighted PSU talented students by providing them with an opportunity to share their success stories by being presenters in some of the workshops:

It also Included Outdoor area to Career Expo by providing food trucks and a big wall painted live by an artist:

PSU Street Fair

In accordance with the Community Services & Continuing Education Center’s (CSCEC) mission and vision to enable our students, families, and business community to improve their lives through distinctive projects and social activities focusing on and creating real benefits to fulfill people needs and wants, CSCEC organized its first fair named “PSU Street Fair”. Our main objective is to cater to the need of the Saudi community and adopt the “Fair” trend as well as to showcase the flourishing efforts of the Saudi community and open doors for young Saudi talent. Moreover, the aim of this event is to align its objectives with the initiatives of the 2030 Saudi vision. PSU Street Fair is an event that celebrated the character of our University. As its name suggests, it was held on the streets of Prince Sultan University- Men’s Campus. The event was open for families and individuals of all ages. It was held during a weekend; February 17 and 18, 2017. The fair offered an eclectic mix of activities and events at each end. The fair featured great games for both adults and children. PSU Street Fair celebrated local talent and artistry. In addition, local food trucks and stations, non-profit organizations (Bunyan) and small businesses took the opportunity to join the fair and be known in the community.

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Open Day

Prince Sultan University’s role as an institution places priority for their faculty and students, thus providing them with not only educational value but also a recreational element of entertainment. In accordance with Dr. Rimah Al-Yahya’s direction to host an Open Day for the female campus at PSU, we at the Community Service & Continuing Education Center (CSCEC) and the Public Relations Center (PR) collaborated together to host this unique event. The main objective was to provide a fun outing for PSU’s female staff and students on campus.

Open Day was held on Friday December 15, 2017 from 4-8pm. The location of the event was on the outdoor area of Men’s Campus. The event was exclusive for PSU-CW members and offered a mix of games and food varieties. The event featured great games for both adults and children. Furthermore, coupons were given to the PSU staff members as they signed their names at the registration table. Each coupon was worth 40 SAR.

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Productive Family Exhibition

Under the patronage of HRH Princess Noura Bent Mohamed Al Saud: Productive Families Exhibition is an expo-oriented exhibition hosted by Prince Sultan University-Women Campus in collaboration with Riyadh Chamber Commerce. This promising event opens up doors of opportunities for small businesses of the community to find great business opportunities. Riyadh chamber for commerce and industry in cooperation with PSU, give considerable attention to women who are working from home especially widows, divorced, and poor women to help them to sustain their micro-project, as a key source of generating income and turn them into productive energy in the community, rather than just recipients of subsidies which stated in CSCEC mission.

This kind of home business needs a lot of support and subsidies from different institutions in the community. PSU as a lead private university represented by finance department outreach committee and community services office collaborated with Riyadh chamber to support this kind of micro-business through productive families exhibition to market their product to be able to survive in a very competitive environment and two workshops related to how to manage your business which increases women’s’ awareness. 28 businesswomen from home business join the exhibition and 20 female visitors join the workshops Instructors.

Law Exhibition

CSCEC collaborated with Law Department in this exhibition. The exhibition included a number of important issues and how to deal with them legally. There were regulations related to the added tax on goods and services and their importance to the economy and the cooperative insurance system. There was also a special section concerning the academic level of female students and how to address the low rate in meaningful and influential ways.


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