Workshops & Seminars

Photoshop For Beginners

IIn accordance with the vision of the CSCEC department to educate students, we delivered a Photoshop workshop under the title, "Photoshop for Beginners" for the second time. The workshop is designed for anyone with little or no experience in Photoshop and is willing to learn the basics.

Quraan Workshop

CSCEC department delivered a Quraan Workshop under the title, " العربية للجميع". This workshop was held for the 3rd time. The number of attendees increased from the first workshop. The purpose was to simplify the Arabic grammar and the rules used in its application. As well as, connect the community in the university through spreading the academic atmosphere. We have collaborated with a PSU faculty member from the General Science department to conduct a workshop on the correct grammar of the Holy Quran.

Photography Workshop

As part of the CCI mission and goal to provide programs and Workshop to the community, we conducted a photography workshop. The main objectives of the program is to help students understand the Fundamentals of photography and the different Types of photography and what are the uses of the camera and its parts and how to Use the Zoom property as well as some practical session.

Evidence Based Design

We have collaborated with the Interior Design Department, Dr. Rehab Aburas and Ms. Nurah Al-Fowzan, to deliver a workshop which targets both PSU students and the community. An introduction to evidence-based design, this course explores the history and development of Evidence-Based Design through its present definition and defines the key steps of the evidence-based design process. An in-depth look at the research process as it applies to healthcare design, as well as methodologies for doing that research.

The course covers the value of using reliable evidence in healthcare projects, and how, through research, design solutions are empirically evaluated and evidence is generated.

Revit For Beginners

The course introduces Architecture and Interior Design participants to Revit for Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a means to convey geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, as well as quantities and properties of a building components.

In this course the basics of maintaining project data within a single file will be learned, as well as generating plans, sections, RCPs, perspectives and elevations.

Entrepreneurship Technical

In accordance with the vision of CSCEC to meet the community needs, we have provided Entrepreneurship Technical workshop for its first time to any female entrepreneur who would like to improve her business wisely via the most updated technological tools. The other main aim for Entrepreneurship Technical workshop is to feed PSU students with a workplace experience to build their personalities very well, which will go along with their high academic excellence by giving them the opportunity to prepare, create the material, and present the workshop to their colleagues from PSU or any entrepreneurs from society. Entrepreneurship Technical workshop duration for this time was a 3 days duration.


4th Annual Montijoon Workshops that was held at Prince Sultan University. We, Community Service Office, in collaboration with Riyadh Chamber and the Business Department organized these workshops. This is always an opportunity to give back to the community and help these small Saudi businesses grow and thrive. These workshops will aid in providing them with the right skills and knowledge to succeed in their business endeavors.