E-Learning Center

The E-Learning Centre (ELC) at Prince Sultan University was established in September 2014 to help faculty design and build engaging and effective blended courses through the adoption of best practices for teaching and learning with technology. ELC provides instructional technology leadership and support to Prince Sultan University, working in partnership with academic and administrative units to meet the unique needs of a leading educational institution. ELC serves as the primary source of university-wide instructional technology and services in support of students, faculty, staff, and affiliates.


The E-Learning Centre positions PSU as a technology leader, meeting the challenges of a dynamic and diverse educational community, through the use of innovative solutions with a commitment to excellence.


Provide an integrated instructional technology environment, emphasizes seamless interaction between people and technology at PSU, to advance the core missions of the PSU. ELC will seek to implement solutions that are innovative, integrative and supportive of evolving university goals, demands, and expectations. ELC will provide technology and services that are functional, collaborative, and agile; to facilitate the PSU community in teaching, learning, research, communication, outreach, and administration.


Provide students on and off campus with an enriched educational experience for a lifetime of learning through technology-rich environments, centralized learning systems, innovations in technological and educational pedagogy, and distance education opportunities. Foster, support, and promote excellence in blended education; to enhance student engagement in courses and co-curricular activities. Encourage scholarship of teaching and learning, and practices that meet the needs of today's diverse learners – garnering student development and academic success. Build the capacity of the faculty and staff to provide quality instruction and services through instructional technologies.


  • Develop principles of training and enhance the e-learning skills for PSU faculty and students to employ them for long life learning.
  • Develop high-quality, web-based courses and content for use by all colleges in the university.
  • Provide hardware and software necessary to operate blended learning courses and co-curricular services. Implement continuous quality initiatives through content development, conferences, webinars, and other professional development opportunities.
  • Maximize Just-in-Time (JIT), Active, Blended, and Flipped Learning Environments.
  • Establish and implement policies and procedures for all web-enhanced and hybrid courses, which will promote a standard of excellence.
  • Provide a centralized method by which PSU can, both internally and externally, arrange for partnerships, coordinated initiatives, and articulation agreements.
  • Create and maintain a central hub for all support and resources provided by ELC.
  • ELC will seek to implement solutions that are innovative, integrative and supportive of evolving university goals, demands, and expectation.