Study Abroad Opportunities

Commencing in the Fall 2010 term through to Spring 2013, PSU provided 2nd-3rd year University students with the opportunity to study abroad via its PSU Year Abroad (PYA) Program. Starting in Spring 2014, the program changed into the PSU Semester Abroad (PSA) Program. Similar to the PYA, there is a formal application process and set of requirements to be met in order to qualify for selection. Starting in Summer 2019, PSU Summer Abroad (PSuA) was launched with opportunities for PSU to take one 3-4 week intensive course listed on the 2020 PSuA list. In October 2021 a select number of PYA opportunities will be announced.

The PSA, PYA and PSuA provide the opportunities to enrich a discrete number of PSU's best students' educational experiences via studying overseas at one of PSU's partner universities. Studying abroad opens minds to new experiences, tempers character with challenges and leads to new friendships. How well the PSU students perform abroad also enables the University to get a sense of its coordinates en route to providing the Middle East with quality education up to the highest international standards. Simply put, the studying abroad benefits both students and the university.

Application Requirements


  1. University level student who will have 36-110 credits at the end of the previous term.
  2. Meet the English Proficiency Requirements listed for the selected Study Abroad Option must submit official document of the score.
  3. Write a 500-word essay explaining why the option was chosen, what courses will likely be taken and how studying at the selected school fits into one’s future plans. is not necessary for PSuA options.
  4. Go through the PSA candidate screening and assessment process:
    • reading and critical thinking exam
    • 45 minute, 300 word in-house essay exam at PSU
    • 15 minute interview at PSU if needed
    • Enclose in the application packet:
    • most recent official copy of PSU transcript
    • two letters of recommendation from PSU faculty
    • letter of parental consent to student’s participation in the PSA program
    • * PSuA Applicants do not do #3 and take brief critical thinking exam and grammar test.

PSA Spring 2022

PYA 2022

PSA Options – Spring 2022
Northeastern University NU US CBA | CCIS | CE 7.01 | 95+
University of Florida UF US CBA | CCIS | CE 7.01 | 95+
Eastern Michigan University EMU US CBA | CE 6.52 | 90+
IE University IEU Spain CBA | CL | CAD 6.52 | 90+
University College Cork UCC Ireland CBA | CCIS | CE 6.52 | 90+
National U Ireland, Galway NUIG Ireland CBA | CCIS | CE 6.52 | 90+
Lawrence Technological University LTU US CE | CCIS 6.52 | 90+
University College Dublin UCD Ireland CBA | CCIS | CE 6.52 | 90+
University of Alberta UA-CA CA CCIS | CH 7.01 | 95+
Missouri U of S&T MST US CE 6.52 | 90+
CESINE School of Design & Business CSDB Spain CBA 6.52 | 90+
Comenius University CU Slovakia CBA 6.52 | 90+
LUISS University LU Italy CBA 6.52 | 90+
National Chengchi University NCCU Taiwan CBA | CH | CL 6.52 | 90+
University of Malaya UMY Malaysia CE | CCIS 6.03 | 85+
Warsaw University of Technology WUT Poland CE | CCIS 6.52 | 90+
Hallym University HU Korea CBA | CH 6.03 | 85+
Adam Mickiewicz University AMU Poland CH 6.52 | 90+
University of Auckland UA-NZ NZ ALL 7.01 | 95+
Ewha Womans University Ewha Korea CBA | CCIS | CE 7.01 | 95+
Politecnico di Torino Polito Italy CBA | CCIS 6.52 | 90+
Politecnico di Milano Polimi Italy CAD | CE 7.01 | 95+
Nagoya U Commerce & Business NUCB Japan CBA 6.03 | 85+
Minimum English Writing Scores 1 IELTS 6.5 | 2 IELTS 6.0 | 3 IELTS 5.5
PSuA Options – 2022 Summer will be listed on February 15th 2022
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Trips

Starting in 2006, PSU has annually sending groups of 12 students and 2-3 members of PSU admin and faculty to spend two-weeks abroad in a different country. Two PSU groups – one for each campus - are hosted by one or more universities for the first week. The second week is spent exploring major cities, famed cultural sites and trekking about the hills and valleys. The IAO Directors on men and women campuses work with the host school(s) in planning on the cultural immersion on the summer study-travel trips.

Fullbridge Program

Piloted in the Spring 2013 and run twice in the calendar year since, the Fullbridge Program is an 3-week intensive professional boot camp program that is designed to assist PSU students make the transition from the university to the workplace. The program is an option for PSU students at the Co-Op level and has a participant screening process.

Model United Nations

Planned in Fall 2015 and tried out in Spring 2016, the PSU Model United Nations [PSU MUN] Clubs formed on both campuses. Headed by faculty coaches the club members are trained and groomed to compete in international tournaments.