Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many PSA options may I apply for?
A: You can only apply for one of the PSA options. It must match up with your major at PSA. Look at the list of options to see which PSU colleges or programs the PSA option works with.
Q: The PSA option that I am interested in does not list my major. Does that mean I can-not apply for that option?
Q: Why do some of the PSA options have different English Proficiency requirement levels and/or other requirements?
Q: I would like to study abroad at a university but it is not on the list. What should I do?
Q: I noted that some of the PSA options will begin in early January next year when PSU will be having final exams. How will that situation be handled?
Q: What are the odds of being selected for the various PSA options I might qualify for? Since I can only apply for one, this is an important question.

Credits - Numbers

Q: If at the end of the current academic term I will not have between 36-110 Credits, am I ineligible for competing in the PSA Scholarship competition?
A: Yes, those students who do not have between 36-110 PSU university level credits are ineligible to compete in the PSA Scholarship competition. If they have less than 36 credits they may enter the competition when they meet that condition. If they have over 110 credits, they are ineligible to compete in the PSA Program.
Q: What is the maximum number of credits I can take at a PSU partner institution under the PSA Program? I do not want this to slow up my progress towards my PSU degree.
Q: What is the minimum number of credits I must take if I am awarded PSA scholarship support?
Q: If I meet the 36-110 Credits and English Proficiency requirements will I receive PSA scholarship support to go to the PSU partner university I applied for?
Q: If I do not get a qualifying English proficiency score for the option I chose, am I ineligible to go on in the competition for the PSA?

Selection Questions

Q: What is the difference between iBT TOEFL and IELTS scores? Which one is better or preferred?
A: Both are good tests. Currently the IELTS is easier to schedule. Neither one is better. US schools prefer the iBT, UK the IELTS. If the IELTS is taken, it must be the Academic IELTS, not the General IELTS.
Q: If I am not able to schedule to take an iBT TOEFL or IELTS exam in time to meet the deadline for turning in a complete application, am I ineligible for competing for the PSA scholarship support.
Q: When will the PSA awards be announced?


Q: Am I responsible for the costs of taking the TOEFL or IELTS exam?
A: Yes.