College of law procedures during COVID 19 for the Academic year 2020- term 201

1.     Emphasize on  the  quality of teaching and course objectives and follow-up by guiding faculty members to prepare updated course presentations that are appropriate to the nature of distant learning, covering all parts of the course, focusing on practical aspects, exercises and cases, to be reviewed by course coordinators and the College of Law chairperson.


2.     The Chairperson oversees the virtual learning process through daily reports submitted by course instructors, and provides it to  the higher management with weekly performance reports with feedback if needed .


3.     Faculty members are required to attend training sessions on the effective use and utilization of the educational platforms provided by the University.


4.     Distinguished professors joined the College of Law as part -timers to teach and train the students via virtual learning mechanism


5.     Only one Midterm exam which requires attendance at the University Campus, precautionary measures are implemented to ensure social distance is applied.


6.     Provide the means of communication to the Chairperson and faculty members on the College site from emails and office phone numbers to ensure effective and continuous communication between students and faculty members.


7.     -To prepare a weekly report on the progress of the teaching process by faculty members in order to solve the difficulties faced by both students and instructor during the lecture.