introductory meeting between the College of law and Finnegan's law representatives for possible collaborations

A meeting was held virtually between the College of Law; the attendees were the  Dean, Dr.Fahad Almajid, aide to the Dean Pro. Zlatan and the chairperson, Dr.Mohammed, and Ms. Nora Crimly with  Finnegan's law representatives, Mr.Mark sweet (firm's chairs), Mr. Louis Troio, Mr.Anthony Del Monaco Mr.Mohammed Nasir firm covering possible future collaborations between the College and the Law firm. 
The agenda covered were mainly focused on a brief introduction of the firm technical programs to be provided to both students and faculty members, all the way to delivering IP services to the university’s different IP generating departments.
The meeting was organized by Ms.Nayfa Albrahim ( PSU Alumni)  and Ms. Nora Crimly, a lecturer and one of the College of law media committee members.