Meeting with Lexis Nexis Middle East for future Collaborations with the College of Law

In the light of the College’s efforts to boost research and to create easier access to the current middle eastern laws and cases to our faculty members and students, and exploring opportunities for collaborations to serve the College of law at Prince Sultan University.

A meeting was held virtually between the College of Law; the attendees were the aide to the Dean Pro. Zlatan and the chairperson, Dr. Mohammed Albakjaji, and Ms. Nora Crimly with  Lexis Middle east representatives, Mr.Ahmed Roda, business development manager, and Ms.Sarah Haddadi, Deputy Head Lexis Middle East office covering possible future collaborations between the College and the Lexis Middle east.

The agenda covered were mainly focused on a brief introduction of the Lexis middle east database and the possible specialized programs to be offered to both students and faculty.