The College of Law at Prince Sultan University is pleased to Announce the New Mahara 8 Program for this Semester. The Program Includes 7 Workshops on Various Topics.

Mahara program is one of the programs offered by the Community Service Committee at the College of Law. This program helps enhancing the skills of students specialized in the field of law by offering a series of courses the deals with different skills introduced by faculty members and experts from inside and outside the university.

The courses will be held at evening through online platforms to give everyone the opportunity to attend from inside and outside the Kingdom.

In its eighth edition, the Mahara program addresses the subject of legal drafting, which is considered one of the most important skills that any legal specialist must acquire as one of the law's specialization pillars.

Therefore, this version of the program will shed light on the most important issues related to legal drafting in both the Arabic and English languages, and it will be presented by faculty members who are specialized in this field.