Conclusion of the last Course of "Global Deals from the Practitioner's Perspective" Program

The last course of the "Global Deals from the Practitioner's Perspective" course was concluded, which was presented by 16 legal and strategic experts from different law firms and the Public Investment Fund (PIF) which supervised by Mr. Henry Makecham.

The course included talking about several aspects related to merger and acquisition deals, and all their stages, the most prominent legal rules that the practitioner must pay attention to, guarantees, agreements and conditions related to international deals, methods of communication in international deals and legal lines that must be known, the most prominent legal rules regulating this aspect, the tasks that a litigation lawyer in international deals must be familiar with, the necessary skills in litigation and their difference from arbitration, global forces and disputes and their impact on international deals, and the main and permanent structure of the legal advisor and its importance.

The College of Law thanked the expert speakers and presenters of this course, and Mr. Abdul Latif Abu Azza for his efforts in organizing and coordinating this course, and all the male and female participants in this course.