The Deputy Minister of Private Higher Education Visits PSU, Making it her First Visit since her Appointment

University Rector Dr. Ahmed Alyamani welcomed the Deputy Minister of Private Higher Education Dr. Reemah Alyahya and her accompanying ministry delegation in her first visit to the university after her appointment. The event was held in the main hall. The event started with the Rector's statement, in which he said: “In this joyful day, I am pleased to welcome Dr. Reemah Alyahya, the Deputy Minister of Private Higher Education, on behalf of all of PSU employees." “There is a great happiness spreading all over Prince Sultan University, the university that you were one of its effective leaders. The university that proved its status as a leading institution in the field of private higher education over a short amount of time, as private education has become an integral part of university education system in Saudi Arabia", he added. He continued: “your selection for this position is a reflection of Prince Sultan University's excellence and its exquisite leadership. This is a source of pride for all the employees of PSU, the university that had the greatest share of your expertise and dedication during the last seven years that you spent in serving PSU and preparing qualified national cadres." He further said: “in conclusion, I assure you that Prince Sultan University, on the basis of its developmental role, will remain standing strongly among educational institutions in our generous country. Which will happen under your leadership and the supervision and guidance of the Department of Private University Education in the Ministry. You are, with no doubt, fully aware of your university, Prince Sultan University. You are aware of its journey and accomplishments that you had contributed to." “Last but not least, we wish you success in your new position. We are certain that you will contribute to the upraise of private universities for you have an outstanding work experience that you gained through working in this university, and for what we have witnessed from your dedication, creativity, and generosity throughout our years as colleagues. We wish you all the best", he concluded. After that statement, the visit agenda started with a meeting between the university management and the Deputy Minister and her accompanying delegation. The following Vice Rectors attended the meeting: Dr. Saad Bin Saleh Al-Rwaita, Vice Rector of Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Abdelhafeez Bin Mohamed Feda, Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al-Jebreen, Deputy Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Dr. Heba Khoshaim, Vice Dean of the College of Humanities, Dr. Wafa Nasrullah and a number of colleges' deans and heads of departments.​ At the end of the visit, the attendees took group photos. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Reemah bin Saleh Alyahya was the Vice Rector of Prince Sultan University's Women's Campus.