PSU Receives a Delegation of Students from Harvard University

In the Framework of “Hayakom” Program to Exchange Academic Experiences and Promote Cultural Dialogue PSU Receives a Delegation of Students from Harvard University As a part of PSU’s ongoing quest for closer cooperation and exchange of experiences with various distinguished local, regional, and international academic sectors, the university (represented by the Department of Public Relations and Media and in collaboration with the Student Council and International Affairs Office) received a delegation of researchers and students from Harvard university on Wednesday 4th of January 2017. The delegation consisted of twenty-six student of different nationalities and cultures led by researchers from the Gulf. The leaders were: Majed Al-Ibrahim and Abdulaziz Al-Basam from Saudi Arabia, Yurob Al-Yaarabi from Oman, and Mr. Fowzan bin Abdulaziz Al-Hamad from Public Relations and Media office in the Ministry of Education. The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission in the United States of America took over preparations of an integrated program for the delegation. The program covered their visit's duration that lasted for 10 days; it also included tours to a number of selected Saudi universities including PSU, as well as some institutions and research centers and the most important landmarks in the Kingdom. PSU has also prepared an integrated internal program to welcome the delegation and introduce the university and its achievements as an evidence for the development that the Kingdom witnessed in the undergraduate educational field. In addition, PSU prepared another program to introduce the Saudi culture, heritage, and traditions. Such as, setting up a tent in the main hall of PSU to welcome the delegation, and then lead the female students to the women branch where they were welcomed by the International Relations Office in Women’s campus. The delegation participated in some of the cultural and folklore activities, such as: performing Najid’s traditional show, tasting Saudi traditional food, trying out the Bisht or Abaya, and henna drawing. The university distributed souvenirs to the students like full Saudi attire, as well as t-shirts with the word “Harvard” written in Arabic, in additions to some other gift and activities. The delegation also conducted a lengthy meeting with university officials headed by Dr. Rimah Al-Yahya the Vice-Rector of Women’s College and Dr. Yazeed bin Mohammad Al-Fakhri the General Supervisor of Public Relations and Media.