Leaders from Aviation Institutions Presented a Presentation to PYP Students​

The College of Business Administration, representing Aviation Administration, invited a number of leaders in the aviation industry and air transpiration in the Kingdom. The event was held in order to present to the PYP students a presentation about the aviation work environment and the career opportunities in airlines, airports, and various associations to the air transportation services. As well as highlighting the general growth of this field in the local area and around the world. The speakers represented a number of aviation companies and specialists in the field. They emphasized that aviation industry and air transportation is continuously growing worldwide. A number of important figures spoke at the event such as: Captain William Roy Director of Safah Aviation Academy, Mr. Waleed Abdullah Baryan from Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries, Cullen Jameson the Executive Chief of Australian College of Aeronautics, Mr. Awad Alqahtani Director of Government Relations at Safah Aviation Academy, and Mr. Clive Rankin the Head of Training in Australian College of Aeronautics. After the presentation, the students were given time to ask about the available opportunities in the aviation industry, its significance, and the nature of it. Following the presentation the Rector honored the participants in the presentation. He thanked them for coming to the university and speaking to the students, as well as encouraging them to discover the promising opportunities in this important field. He also thanked them for supporting the university’s aim in qualifying the students according to the highest standards. This meeting is one of the objectives sought after by Aviation Administration Department in the College of Business Administration, under the supervision of Vice-Rector of the Business Department Dr. Sa’ad bin Abdulaziz Almousa. It aims to continuously coordinate with the relevant agencies to ensure the process of relating the theories to applied practices, and to ensure that graduates posses the qualification necessary to fulfill the needs of the job market.