• 100% employment (for graduates willing and eligible to work in Saudi Arabia).
  • Experienced graduates belong to a high-pay category in comparison.
  • Senior graduates hold high-ranking positions in different organizations.

The Department of Marketing currently offers Bachelor of Science in Marketing program and plays a part in offering an MBA program. The B. Sc. in Marketing is one of the pioneering programs of PSU started in Fall, 2000. Following are a few highlights of the program.

Among the strengths of the program are its international curriculum, excellent line of faculty gathered from around the globe with diverse educational and ethnic backgrounds, mix of traditional and modern pedagogical tool of teaching, A CO-OP program that allows students to practice their knowledge and skills in a real work environment, and strong relationship with leading companies in a number of the industries.


I feel honored to welcome you to the Department of Marketing.

Look at Steve Jobs of Apple, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Ma of Alibaba. What is common in them? Probably, an ability to think out of the box, a sensitivity to understand the consumers’ needs, and a sensibility to find creative solutions for the identified needs. Yes, almost in every successful Marketer, we may be able to spot uniqueness of thoughts, consumer orientation and solutional creativity, which are the essential skills a Marketer is supposed to possess.

Dear students, you might have been poor at numerical skills or your prior academic records might not have been very attractive. It does not matter because they are not the factors that predict a Marketer in-the-making. Marketing is about predicting the unpredictable, seeing the unseen, doing the impossible, and thus making the consumers experience a new world. For example, if you can think of a new use for an existing product, a new product for an existing need or a new need that may require a new product, then you are unique and creative, and Marketing could be your right Major; you are likely to be enviably successful. Also, you may overcome the common misconception that Marketing is about selling, talking and advertising; they are only tiny functional components of Marketing, just a few drops in an ocean.

For you, we have designed a Marketing curriculum in par with leading universities in the world that soundly blends theory with practice. Our Marketing faculty are ones publishing their research papers even in ‘A’ and ‘A-star’ journals of ABDC Ranking. We have around 15 such papers in the last two years alone; probably, a unique achievement – only renowned universities have similar records.

I hope you will take the time to discover more about the Marketing Program through our Web Site. We welcome your feedback and invite you to join us in shaping the leading program of the future.


Dr. George Thomas

Chair of Marketing Department