Vision and Mission


Recognition of the B.S. in Aviation Management as a program of excellence in aviation management education, research, and service both locally and regionally.


Our mission is to graduate leading and inspiring business professionals in aviation and management, who can act as leaders of technology-enabled change and innovation as well as ethically, socially, and environmentally responsible agents in organizations. Through knowledge discovery, dissemination, and application, we want to advance the design, management, operations, and interaction of business, financial, technological, and social systems aimed at the long-term economic sustainability of the aviation industry in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


The Aviation Management undergraduate program offers interdisciplinary professional education designed aimed at preparing learners for lifelong careers in designing, managing, or consulting about management and aviation management, etc. in public, corporate, and non-profit organizations. Our primary learning goals are:

  • students will apply moral and ethical standards to aviation management decisions
  • students will demonstrate effective communication skills
  • students will demonstrate teamwork skills
  • students will have an understanding of multiple functional areas in aviation management
  • students will use appropriate models for analysis and planning in the aviation industry