Continuing Education Units

Education For Employment :

The development and progress of any society mainly relies on young men and women. They play an effective role in building its future. They embody its hope to thrive and prosper. At the same time, if young people do not receive enough care and attention, and if their enthusiasm is wasted or directed in a wrong way, they will turn into a danger that threatens the stability and safety of their homeland. They will become a burden rather than a constructive factor in their society.


Community Language Center (CLC) :

Community language center has been transferred to CCI in June 2012. It focuses on meeting the community needs of learning variety of languages and mainly English language courses. CLC has achieved 17 sessions in different languages and stages as well as 275 participants. CLC goes along with CCI mission and vision to enhance the aspect of education, to grow university relations within the larger community & to promote and strengthen the internationalization of College for women

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Academic Service Learning :

We have partnered with Elite UK and Monsha’at to provide small and medium enterprises with skills and tools to grow as a business and succeed in our ever-changing economy.

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