TAC Events

TAC is keen to conduct different activities and events that benefit all those who are interested in translation, whether they are from the university or outside. These activities and events can be divided, in general, into:

  • Specialized Forums
  • Workshops
  • Appreciation Ceremonies

191/192 TAC Workshops

# Date Topics
1 5 October 2019 منتدى الترجمة بالتعاون مع مبادرة تراجم
Prof. Hadeer Aboelnagah
2 7 October 2019 How to Make Refugees Lives Easier
Prof. Hadeer Aboelnagah
3 18 November 2019 Environmental Event
Hosted by: Prof. Hadeer Aboelnagah
4 6 February 2020 فتح باب التقدم لمنح التأليف والترجمة وجائزة الأمير سلطان للترجمة برعاية سعادة مدير الجامعة الدكتور أحمد اليماني
5 Starting from 9 February 2020 for 20 hours Training program for PSU Students TAC
6 From 24 February for 6 weeks الأخطاء الشائعة في الترجمة العربية
Ms. Jameela Arnous
7 Tuesday 25 February 2020 Website Localization
Dr. Hind Alotibi Dean of College of Humanities
8 May 11-12-13 Introduction to Distance Interpreting
Prof. Hadeer Aboelnagah