PRMC Units

As for the units that fall under PRMC at the University and their tasks, they are as follows:

The Media Unit

The Media unit was founded since the establishment of the university. It aims at highlighting the university's efforts, activities, and events in the media. Moreover, it seeks to be the link between the University and different sectors and to create a positive image of the University.

As for the tasks of the Media Unit, they are as follows:

  • The issuance of "Taif Al Jamea" the PSU newsletter biweekly. It is a newsletter that covers all University events and is distributed free of charge since the beginning of its issuance to this day.

    Taif Al Jamea Link

  • Writing different Arabic, materials for the University.
  • Writing official letters for the University administration and reviewing them upon request.
  • Preparing reports on any field related to the University upon request.
  • Preparing press material to be published in the external press.
  • Reviewing, revising, preparing, and publishing various materials.
  • Providing officials with any information related to the University from the archive.
  • Visiting University graduates at their workplaces and interviewing them about their experience at the University.
  • Searching for information, following-up the University news, and preparing them for publication.
  • Attending seminars and lectures and writing reports on them, in addition to making interviews with the speakers.
  • Preparing investigations and reports on the activities at the University
  • Writing and preparing Taif newsletter.
  • Editing and reviewing content and materials until they are sent to the printing press.
  • Supporting the activities of the University on social media.

Designing Unit

The tasks of the Designing Unit include the following:

  • Issuing and updating the University identity guidelines.
  • Overseeing all designs related to the University's logo.
  • Executing and reviewing the University's internal and external designs and advertisements.
  • Developing creative work in the Design Unit.
  • Developing working mechanisms and motivating creativity in the Unit.
  • Preparing other artistic designs for the University (books, magazines, flyers, brochures, advertisements, and posters whether to publish them inside or outside the university, including advertisements on digital advertising screens and website banners ... etc.
  • Archiving the Unit designs.
  • Designing Arabic fonts in different styles on demand and using them in designs when needed.
  • Designing the University newsletter.
  • Cooperating with the University's website administration and providing them with the published news materials and images in Taif for the website, as well as preparing a PDF copy of each issue and sending it to the Website unit.

Events Unit

The tasks of the Events Unit include the following:

  • Arranging the venue of the ceremony.
  • Providing hospitality (breakfast, lunch, or dinner).
  • Supervising the event.
  • Providing plaques and trophies.
  • Distributing gifts.
  • Providing accommodation in local hotels.
  • Arraigning sightseeing tours.
  • Organizing business lunch or dinner meetings with the University’s officials outside the University.
  • Organizing transportation for guests.

Documentation Unit

  • Planning, managing, and directing event video coverage at the university.
  • Cooperating with academic and administrative departments to document their events and meetings.
  • Supervising photo file storage and backup for future reference.
  • Archiving video files in an organized way to make them accessible.
  • Cooperating with the academic and administrative departments to document their events and meetings.
  • Preparing and archiving event reports to use them as a reference when preparing the annual report.
  • Documenting University events videos as well as producing and directing them.
  • Filming the University’s events as well as its activities inside and outside the University.
  • Editing and archiving photos.
  • Providing the University’s departments, centers, and employees with the pictures they need upon request.

Marketing and Electronic Publishing Unit

The work of the Marketing and Electronic Publishing Unit is as follows:

  • Screens - designs - social media - website news - text messages - e-mails.

Information Technology Unit

  • Media nd Events Support:
    • Technical support for the University’s public events and webinars.
    • Preparation and management of media equipment.
    • Online streaming.
  • PRMC Portal Project:
    • Developing and managing the electronic portal for the PRMC.
    • Adding and developing a new PRMC services.
  • Prince Sultan University’s Events Request System on the website of the Prince Sultan University
    • Developing and managing the PRMC Request System.
    • Programming and designing front back end system.
    • Training PRMC staff and PRMC coordinators.
  • Prince Sultan University website
    • Developing and managing the PSU Website.
    • Creating a new website.
    • Creating subdomains.
    • Creating templates.
    • Training website coordinators.
    • Website statistics.
    • Updating the main content of the website
  • Media and Marketing Tools
    • Installing and supporting media and marketing equipment.
    • Digital screen.
    • Digital banner.
    • PRMC Audio System.

Mezah Program

"Mezah" program was launched by the PRMC, and it provides offers and benefits to the University’s employees and students in cooperation with external parties.

It was developed by the PRMC at the University by contracting with external parties to receive benefits, offers, and discounts that include healthcare centers, restaurants, hotels, cafes, and many other services, which the employees and students can get by showing their University’s ID card.

The Link for Mezah