1444H/(2022-2023G) First Semester (Term221)

Day(s) Date Activities / Events
Sun 1 Safar 1444 H Classes begin
28 August 2022 G
Thu 5 Safar Last day for adding courses - 1:00 PM
1 September
Thu 12 Safar Last day for dropping one or more course(s) without permanent record - 1:00 PM
8 September
Wed-Thu 25-26 Safar National Day Holiday (Only for Students)
21-22 September
Mon 21 Rabi I Beginning of Early Registration and Coop Registration for the Spring Semester 2022-2023 Term(222)
17 October
Sun-Mon 20-21 Rabi I Extended Weekend Holiday
16-17 October
Thu 2 Rabi II Last day for dropping one or more course(s) with a grade of "W" – 1:00 PM
27 October
Thu 16 Rabi II Extended Weekend Holiday
10 November
Thu 16 Rabi II Last day for dropping the semester with a grade of "W" through the Registrar’s Office - 1:00 PM
10 November
Sun-Thu 3-7 Jumada I Mid-Semester Holiday
27 November-1 December
Thu 14 Jumada I The last day for withdrawal from all courses with a grade of "WP/WF" through the Registrar's Office - 1:00 PM
8 December
Thu 21 Jumada I Last day of classes before the Final Exam
15 December
Sat-Sat 23 Jumada I -7 Jumada II Final Examinations Week
17-31 December
Sun 24 Jumada I Extended weekend Holiday (No exams)
18 December
Mon 9 Jumada II The last day for faculty to submit grades including the COOP grades (1:00 PM)
2 January 2023
Sun 22 Jumada II Classes begin for the Spring Semester Term(222)
15 January

Note: Dates are subject to change without a prior notice.