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The Writing and Tutoring Center (WTC) is a newly founded center offering academic services and support to undergraduate, graduate students, faculty members and admins at Prince Sultan University as well as researchers and external guests from outside the university. The WTC’s services vary from assisting students in understanding their course material and enhancing their writing skills to helping students better comprehend academic integrity and avoid plagiarism. The WTC will be offering services in English and Arabic.


To cultivate a vibrant center of academic distinction and professional development dedicated to nurturing the essential skill sets required for the success of future generations


The Writing and Tutoring Center (WTC) is committed to making substantial contributions in harmony with PSU's objectives and the Saudi Vision 2030.

Our commitment lies in the advancement of our nation by empowering individuals within our community through transformative learning experiences

We strive to foster academic and professional growth while championing diversity and innovation in the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Our mission includes personalized one-to-one sessions, collaborative study groups, and comprehensive support in research, writing, and various fields

WTC Objectives

Taking PSU’s vision into consideration, the WTC’s objectives are to:

Develop students' writing skills through personalized one-to-one sessions.

Provide personalized guidance on grammar, syntax, and style to enhance overall writing proficiency

Guide students through the research process, which might include topic selection, literature review, and methodology.

Enhance students’ research skills through guidance on the effective use of academic databases and citation styles.

Foster critical thinking skills by encouraging analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of information.

Provide tools and strategies for students to approach academic content critically and thoughtfully.

Offer support for academic and professional development in line with the broader goals of PSU and the Saudi Vision 2030.

Provide resources and assistance for resume building, job application processes and varied career-related endeavors.

Create an inclusive and welcoming learning environment that celebrates diversity.

Promote understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives in both written and spoken communication.

Instill a passion for continuous learning and self-improvement.

Provide resources and guidance for pursuing further education, certifications and professional development beyond academic requirements.

Conduct workshops that address specific writing challenges, research methodologies, and academic skills.

Foster an interactive and collaborative learning environment through scheduled sessions presented by experts in the field.

The main services of the WTC are:

  • WTC Free Services
  • WTC Paid Services