Deanship of Admissions and Registration

Dean's Message

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

The Deanship of Admissions and Registration (DAR) at Prince Sultan University aspires to provide timely quality service to all stakeholders effectively and efficiently.

Students represent the main beneficiary of the DAR services. In fact, DAR is considered one of the most essential units that provide important services for students, where students’ life at PSU starts and ends at DAR. Students’ life cycle at PSU starts with admissions and they typically conclude their academic life at PSU with graduation where both services are provided by DAR. Course registration is another service that is provided to students by DAR where students can use the online registration facilities to complete their course registration ubiquitously. DAR continuously uses the latest contemporary approaches to ensure that its services meet international standards and satisfies students’ needs.

The scope of the DAR’s services goes beyond admission, registration and graduation. In that, DAR’s publications provide guidelines to all stakeholders and especially students. One of its publications is the academic Rules & Regulations, which govern the academic life of students throughout their progress at PSU. The Academic Curricula Bulletin is another important publication that helps students to be familiar with their degree plans and course requirements.

DAR also, provides many services to academic programs and administrative units at PSU by providing them with data that is necessary for planning and development. DAR’s services are extended to support the requirements of other main stakeholders like the Ministry of Education and other governmental and private sector institutions by providing them with statistical reports that are needed for the planning on the national level.

Utilizing the innovative information technology tools is an essential component of the DAR strategy to provide electronic services to stakeholders and in particular students. DAR continuously attempts to take advantage of modern technologies, and considers the movement towards a paper-less work environment as a top priority.

Finally, we ask Allah to grant us prosper in all the endeavors to improve the students’ experience at PSU.

Dr. Abdulaziz Sultan Al-Sehibani

Dean Of Admissions And Registration


The Deanship of Admissions and Registration of Prince Sultan University envisions itself to be a ​dynamic quality service unit in the university committed to produce better services to the administrative and academic community.​


  • Administer the Admissions process, professionally and in a user-friendly manner.
  • Maintain academic and administrative support to the instruction process to enable it to attain its educational mandate.
  • Provide accurate and complete records collection and management services to the clientele.
  • Help students, Faculty, and the community to be aware of the relevant rules and regulations.
  • Serve our clientele in a professional, courteous, and ti mely fashion enabling them to meet their goals while upholding university policies.
  • Develop well-experienced, highly trained, and highly qualified professionals staff with competence in the field of Admissions and Registration.


  • Standard-based admissions of prospective students.
  • Establish and sustain dynamic and interactive online services with other stakeholders for productive sharing of resources.
  • Administer the scheduling and registration processes efficiently and effectively.
  • Raise the awareness of new, as well as old students about academic rules and regulations and academic advisors.
  • Provide efficient and effective management information of student records.
  • Ensure total quality service to the administrative and academic community.

Quality Policy

DAR adopts an integrated quality management system according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, the strategic directions and objectives of PSU, and in compliance with all the applied national rules and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. PSU aspires to achieve excellence in its operations based on international standards to fulfil quality requirements and stakeholders expectations. DAR is committed to apply the quality policy and to update it periodically to achieve continuous improvement.