Student Clubs PSU

Finance Club

Offering a suitable environment for students who are interested in finance to participate in activities, visit and workshops. We hope to increase the awareness of the students about finance and its effect on their life.

Law Club

We are looking forward – passionately – to be part of the learning process and for it to be valuable, beneficial and a continuation for the academic study throughout events and various activities.

Computer Club

Cares about making activities, workshops or events for the students in order to develop the students’ knowledge.

Construction Club

The club’s purpose is to support, aware students to participate in events, help the society and keep up with vision 2030.

Production Club

The club aims to support the students through rising awareness, helping or advising them in order to keep up with vision 2030.


Interested in everything that deals with marketing or business management through making meetings or workshops that develop the students’ skills and increase their experience in this major.


We aim toward improving the Communication and Network students’ knowledge and experience in their major through events and visits to pioneer in this field.

Accounting Club

Strengthening and preparing students to gain accounting knowledge through brightening their technical skills through offering them workshops and meetings related to their major. Therefore, our club completing the academic study.

PSU Youth

PSU Youth aims to provide opportunities to students that build their skills and develop their confidence and develop their personal talents.

PTS Club

Folk dance club is a groups of students exhibiting the PTS Club Saudi heritage through dancing in a very artistic way.

Namaa Club

We are the sons of PSU we aim to be part of vision 2030 where our plan is to Collimate with KSA’s plan in developing and enhancing all the society in entertainment and education part of life.

Spectrum club

To be the VOICE of students at PSU. To Bring information and latest on-campus buzz to people associated with PSU and to provide a platform for others to express their talent and creativity.

Cinema Club

It’s a club to raise the awareness about cinematics and to document events of the university.

Theatre Club

The club provides events and theatrical scripts in various fields on the stage offering what’s fun and beneficial for the university.

Toastmaster Club

Toastmasters aims to develop leadership and speaking skills in its members by creating a positive environment that helps them become creative and gives them the courage to step out of their comfort-zones

Vision Club

Aims to develop non-academic skills in its members by providing to them some events and visits in which they gather information and experience. This clubs goes in parallel with 2030 Vision of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Aims to develop the skills of students and increase their awareness of 3D modeling and share the importance of 3D modeling and its role in multiple engineering fields.

Entrepreneurship CLUB

Aims to Encourage the student’s interest in entrepreneurship Club, enhance business knowledge, and build business knowledge, and build confidence in every student at prince Sultan university.

Cyber Security

Aims to spread security and privacy awareness and provide students who are interested in cybersecurity with the technical resources needed to advance their cybersecurity careers.

Aviation Club

aims to EDUCATE, ENABLE and INSPIRE students to ACHIEVE their DREAMS in AVIATION and help them to have good knowledge and experience in differents areas in aviation.

Digital Literary Club

Raising awareness of the humanities’ role in technological design especially with AI bias, gender roles, inclusion, and diversity.

Eradah Club

Eradah is a student-based club that aims to strengthen and enhance members’ willpower by exposing them to various skill based programs, activities and events.

Intercultural Club

Align activities with Vision 2030 categories for volunteering, promoting life-long learning, cultural development, and Youth Empowerment.

Student Empowerment Club

Bridge the gap between the knowledge students learn in their majors and the skills needed by the job market

Translator Club

Increase their community’s awareness and social connections regarding the role of translation and the translator.

Architecture Club

Architecture Club

Architecture Club aims to develop students’ skills by exploring the developments of architecture and the last updates of the science. Arch Students communicate with the Engineering consulting offices and benefit from their experience.

Heritage Club

Heritage Club

Recognizing the various types of heritage and their importance, and urging interest in preserving and benefiting from them.

E-commerce Club

E-commerce Club

We are dedicated to raise awareness of the different aspects of E-commerce through benefiting both members and non-members of PSU. We aim to build collaboration through information sharing by industry professionals, networking and events.

Math Club

Math Club

Math club aims towards providing awareness about the beauty and fun of mathematics. We provide several activities and workshops that enhance students' mathematical skills and logical thinking, which help them explore the scientific world around them.

Digital Media Club

Digital Media Club

Digital Media club was founded back in 2016, intended to those who love graphic design, computer animation, videography and games. It is established to expose PSU students to the Digital Media field/area and provide a platform for students/instructors/ industrial experts to share and present their creative ideas. In addition, it may assist students in improving their design and professional skills. The club has managed to organize many digital media showcases, workshops, training and provide COOP opportunities to the members and participants.

EdTech Club

EdTech Club

The Ed Tech Club is focused on the adoption of various educational tools in order to enhance PSU students’ learning skills, to facilitate communication between them and help students to collaborate outside the university contact hours. It also provides its members with an assortment of activities, such as guest speakers, Bootcamps, and free tutoring.

Civil Engineering Club

Civil Engineering Club

The Civil Engineering club offers great opportunities to help PSU students broaden their scope of knowledge in the field of construction and the most modern techniques in applications aligning with structural systems and construction technologies. This will enhance the students' experiences throughout variable activities, including workshops, and field trips, which will be scheduled and conducted by PSU faculty to the public, with the community service department's support.

Hullah Club

Hullah Club

This club aims to encourage female students and motivate them to understand, memorize and apply the holy Qur’an in their practical life, thus enhancing the connection with the Islamic studies courses that the student studies and makes better use of them. This club provides weekly sessions for memorizing the Qur’an and correcting the recitation, monthly lectures interpret some surahs of the Qur’an.

Nazaha Club

Nazaha Club

The club aims to promote the development of students' self-monitoring by strengthening a culture of integrity, anti-corruption and a sense of belonging through positive values that protect society.

Psychological awareness Club

Psychological awareness Club was established in 2014 under the umbrella of Deanship of Education services. It was supervised by General science faculty members in different academic Years. The Main Objectives of the club is to spread the awareness about how to improve mental health and well being.

Cultural Club

The goal of this club is to provide educational and enlightening learning activities to all students as well as participants from local universities. Moreover, the Cultural Club tries to organize its events and activities for the purpose of attracting more attendees to participate in discussion and exchange of reading experience about various topics.

In a word, what the PSU Library Cultural Club strives to do is to provide a golden opportunity for all the participants, including those from partner universities, and help them develop critical learning skills by taking part in all the educational activities hosted by this club.

Data Science Club

Data Science Club

The Data Science club was established under the support of the Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics (AIDA) Research Lab to create awareness about the importance of Data Science/Data Analytics & prepare the students with high technical abilities and skills which can allow them to perform their roles efficiently and raise their skills in areas of Data Science in order to achieve the best career opportunities and self-professional excellence. Students should be able to deliver technical knowledge to the community. The club aims to develop professional certification programs, training, and courses for students.

Book and Coffee Club

Book and Coffee Club

The purpose of the club is to give the students of PSU a platform to share their knowledge about books through seminars, workshops, and various other activities.