Vision, Mission, and Values


Prince Sultan University aspires to become the leading non-profit, private university in the Middle East region, providing a quality education equal to other reputable universities in the world.


Prince Sultan University aims to provide the Middle East with quality education to the highest international standards. In its efforts towards successful and responsible life-long learning, PSU integrates modern technology, pedagogy, and human values to advance scientific research, productivity, and leadership toward a more meaningful societal role.

PSU is committed to effectively managing institutional resources to optimize its multiple roles as a catalyst for new learning opportunities, national and international partnerships, continuous studies, professional growth, community service, and diversity in educational horizons for the good of humanity and sustainability.


P – Proactive

  • academic and personal integrity
  • effective management operations
  • lifelong learning among students, faculty, staff and the at large community
  • respect for individuals in the community

S – Service

  • high quality service and efficiency
  • positive interpersonal relationship among members of the community

U – Upbeat

  • academic environment that nurtures excellence in learning, teaching and research
  • professional development and personal growth among members of the community