Prince Sultan University PSU
Compliance and Policies Office
Compliance Policies

Policy Code: COP0002
Policy Name: Corrective Action Policy
Handler: Compliance and Policies Office, Office of the President
Date Created: 22 January 2022
Date of Current Review: N/A
Approved by: University Council
Date of Approval: 25 May 2022


Every confirmed case of non-compliance may result in a corrective action. A policy and procedure shall ensure adherence to the PSU policies, Saudi laws, rules and regulations and any breach will be considered an act of non-compliance.


  • Every confirmed case of non-compliance may result in corrective action.
  • Disciplinary action will be conducted fairly considering all the circumstances.

All PSU academic and administrative staff shall be informed of the policies and made aware of the consequences of violations.


  • • The cases of non-compliance are evaluated by the Senior Compliance and Legal Manager to determine the severity of the breach and to determine the mitigating circumstances.
  • • The cases will be referred to the Disciplinary or Grievance Boards.
  • • Intentional serious breaches will result in the termination of the employment contract.
  • • Enforcement actions under the supervision of the Senior Compliance and Legal Manager, President and the appropriate authorities will be equally administered to all PSU personnel.

The applicable sanctions for the non-compliance cases:

First Offence: Verbal Warning

Second Offence: Written reprimand

Third Offence: Suspension with or without pay (for Administrative staff)

Forth Offence: Termination.