Frequently asked questions

1. Why is accreditation important to PSU?
2. What are the benefits of getting accredited?
3. Who is the national accrediting agency in the KSA?
The national accrediting agency in the KSA is the National Center for Academic Accreditation and evAluation (NCAAA) under the Education and Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC).
4. What is the difference between full and conditional accreditation results from the NCAAA?
Full accreditation is good and covers for seven years; conditional accreditation is only valid for three years. Both are recognized as accredited.
5. Is PSU accredited?
Prince Sultan University received full accreditation in 2010 and successfully received full accreditation again for 2017-2024 by NCAAA.
6. Which programs have active NCAAA accreditation?
7. Which programs have active International accreditation?