Places Full list

Lab 113

Building 2- 315


Building 3 - N101

Building 3 - N107


Large Auditorium, building 1

Building 1 second floor


101: Prince Sultan Hall

B101 Large Auditorium

B105 PYP Ground Floor

Intercontinental Riyadh

Prince Sultan Hall



B1 - W261

Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Large Auditorium- building one- 827

Online via GoogleMeet

Large auditorium


Google meet (The link of the webinar will be sent to the registered E-mail ID)


Prince Sultan University


Online via Google Meet


Online via Zoom Meeting

Online (Google meet)

Bldg. 104 - Ground Floor

Google Meet

Industry 4.0 Center (G-A18, Building No.105, PSU)

Online (Log-In instructions will be shared with students via email/SMS)

Online (Log-In instructions will be shared with students via email/SMS).

Female campus - Building 3- N107

Virtual workshop

ONLINE via Google Meet



Electrical Engineering Department


Men - B104 / Women - B102

Ground Floor - Building 105

the Arabian Laboratory for Testing Concrete and Soil

Auditorium Building 105

Auditorium - Ground Floor - Building 105

Building 105, PSU

Renewable energy lab

Gym, Male Campus

Bldg 105, Auditorium G-C01

on campus

Main Lobby

Communications and Networks Lab

Communications and Networks Lab, Building 105, 2nd floor, room B10

College of Engineering


Ground Floor Theater - Building 105

College of Law

Online (For the meeting link kindly refer to TLC_Announcemnt email)

Online AT PSU

Main Auditorium, Building 105

PSU Auditorium Building 105

The Main Hall, Building 104

Building 105 Auditorium G. floor

Prince Sultan University Main Auditorium Building 105.Riyadh ,KSA.

Prince Sultan University (Hybrid - Physical & Virtual)

VIP room, B105

Men Campus-Building 105 - Auditorium -C01

Ground Floor Auditorium - Building 105

Main Building, Female Campus

Prince Sultan University Female Campus

Large Auditorium

large ausitorium

Amphitheater (Building 105)

AIDA lab-W205,Building 1

Building 101

Auditorium - Building 105

Communication lab, B105

Building 104

عن بعد

Building 105

Auditorium Building B105, Prince Sultan University

Prince Sultan Hall building 101

Prince Sultan University (105 Auditorium)

PSU building 104

building 104

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Lobby Building 104, PSU

Building 104 Hall


PSU, Building 105 , Main Lobby

Communications and Networks Lab, Building 105

female campus



Building 105 Ground Floor Auditorium

Circuits lab, B10

جامعه الأمير سلطان (مسرح الدور الثاني 105)


building 105