Vision, Mission & Objectives


The Graduate Studies Unit aspires to become a leader in Graduate Education through facilitating internationally distinguished and highly ranked graduate programs and fostering academic excellence and lifelong learning.


The Graduate Studies Unit (GSU), as a partner with colleges, is committed to facilitating graduate education of the highest quality in the Middle East. GSU oversees policies and processes that define the best practices for graduate programs and guarantee their academic integrity university-wide. GSU also provides outstanding support services and significant academic and professional development opportunities for graduate students and faculty. Additionally, GSU fosters quality in research and scholarship to nurture the next generation of academic/research community.

GSU is determined to prepare graduates for distinguished careers that meet their diverse interests and qualifications in the fields of research, teaching, public service and the industry. The rigors of the graduate programs empower students to address national and world challenges.


  1. Give the distinguished undergraduate students the opportunities to continue their graduate studies inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Prepare and qualify scientifically and professionally specialized graduates in different fields of knowledge.
  3. Encourage scientifically competent graduates to keep pace with the rapid progress of science and technology, and inspire them to create, innovate and develop scientific research that deals with the issues faced by the Saudi society.
  4. Contribute to the improvement of undergraduate programs to interact efficiently with graduate ones.