Public Relations & Media Center

Public Relations & Media Center is considered one of the important centers in Prince Sultan University as it links the University with its administrators, faculty members, and students. PRMC is also seen as a tool to make relations between the University administration and external parties (e.g., institutions, and other segments of society). The tasks of the PRMC at the University include the following:

  • To create a short- and long-term strategic plan and identifying the goals, objectives, and benchmarks of the PRMC achievements according to identified standards.
  • To ensure that the internal and external communication support the vision of the University and its image as well as its Strategic Plan.
  • Identifying potential news, articles, and sources on PSU campus, and then communicating with the media and providing them with the necessary information.
  • Overseeing the content published on PSU campus.
  • To cooperate with the deans and heads of the departments and centers to enhance the image of the University.
  • Supervising all design projects including the identity of the University.


We aspire to achieve Prince Sultan University’s goals and implement the University’s strategic plans derived from the vision of the Ministry of Education and Saudi Arabia’s Vision for 2030 in order to build a world-leading educational system by highlighting the University's accomplishments and its employees’ achievements.


The University’s mission is to build an integrated work system by enhancing communication with the community and external parties and highlighting the University's accomplishments and its employees’ achievements.

Quality Policy

The Public Relations and Media Department adopts the establishment and implementation of an integrated system for quality management in the provision of its work in accordance with the requirements of the international standard in accordance with the strategic directions and objectives of the university and with the regulations and instructions applied in the Kingdom, and achieves excellence in providing the work and services of the Public Relations and Media Department in a way that improves performance to an international standard that meets the quality requirements and expectations of the beneficiaries. It undertakes the effective application, maintenance, periodic review, and evaluation of the system to achieve continuous and sustainable improvement.