Book Authoring & Translation Grants

A major goal of the PSU 3rd Strategic Plan is for the faculty member to produce and publish research journal articles, chapters and books. In full support of original thinking and with familiarity of academic research in the applied, technical, and theoretical domains of knowledge, the Translation & Authoring Center (TAC) offers assistance to its colleagues. The Center aims to provide the faculty members with high-quality specialized scientific services in order to enhance their role in authoring and translation so that they can contribute to science and humanity.

TAC Higher Committee of the Award & Grants (2017 – 2020)

  • Prof. Hadeer Aboelnagah (College of Humanities) Committee Chair
  • Dr. Fatima Abdallah (College of Law) Member
  • Dr. Diaa Alhaq (College of Business) Member
  • Dr. Soad Amroni (College of Computer Science) Member
  • Dr. Tahani Al Safadi (Deanery of General Sciences) Member
  • Mr. Mohamed Mefarrag (College of Engineering) Member

General Conditions

  • submitted project shall comply with the precepts of Shariah, Saudi Arabia regulations and its culture
  • author/ translator shall conform to the ethics of scientific research and not infringe on intellectual property rights
  • project shall not contain plagiarized content from previously published scientific and scholarly research work
  • author/translator has to be committed to use correct and clear language
  • author/translator must use a variety of the latest scientific references in the area of the proposed book

Content of the Proposal

  • book description: One page; four paragraphs (an interesting anecdote, your argument, your contribution, a short outline)
  • descriptive table of contents: Title and a short summary of chapters
  • characteristics of the final manuscript: length, estimated number of illustrations/tables
  • audience: Who will read it? How will it be used
  • competition: Other books in your field; how yours is different
  • complete manuscript: Estimated date of completion and any resources needed (should be within six months)
  • reviewers: Names and contact information
  • biographical statement: Your credentials and expertise; previously published works


  • 150 SR per authored page
  • 120 SR per translated page to a maximum of 50,000 SR per project, (provided that one page shall equal 300 words and the whole project shall not be less than 150 page)
  • Charts, engineering drawings and mathematical equations
  • 2 charts = 1 page
  • 10 equations = 1 page (provided that the author shall prove their originality)

Authored Books

Book Title Author
Publication Year
Design Programming & Conceptualization Design Management & Processing Methods in Architecture Prof. Buthayna Hasan Eilouti, PSU
Introduction to Engineering Economics Dr. Abd Al Hakim Abd Al Hadi, PSU
Mr. Mohamed Mefarag, PSU
Engineering Project Management Dr. Basel Sultan, PSU