Translation Award

Prince Sultan University aims to support high-quality translation projects by PSU professional translators and aspiring students in an effort to support knowledge exchange, disseminate information and scientific advances and promote inter-cultural understanding. The support is provided for projects in different fields of specialization in recognition of the significance of translation in all aspects of life. Besides, TAC is determined to provide top-notch professional development opportunities for translators and translation professors through translation seminars and activities. To this end, the Translation and Authoring Center organized three Translation Awards for the academic years 2016-2017, 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 under the patronage of PSU President, Dr. Ahmed Yamani. In spite of the circumstances in which we are experiencing at the present time because of the pandemic Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the Translation Award for the current academic year 2019-2020 is still in place and the results will be announced in the fall semester of 2020-2021. The Award Committee consists of:

  • Translation and Authoring Center (TAC)
  • book Authoring & Translation Higher Committee ( including representatives from all colleges)
  • independent external referees

Branches of the Award

  • faculty members (All disciplines)
  • students Award (From all colleges)

General Conditions

  • award limited to Prince Sultan University faculty members only
  • translated book is of a scientific value in its field of specialization
  • translator shall not have previously submitted the same translated book for the award
  • candidate did not win the award in the last 2 years
  • number of translated pages shall not be less than (200) pages with an average of (300) words per page
  • original book must pass the primary examination that aims at determining its importance and value
  • date of publishing the translated book shall not exceed (3) years from the date of applying for the award
  • languages of translation allowed in the competition are Arabic and English
  • committee shall withhold the award if the referees gave the applicants an average of less than 70% according to the average opinion of the referees

Regulations for Students Award

  • applicant shall be an undergraduate student at Prince Sultan University
  • more than one translator can participate in the same work- if so, the award shall be divided equally between the applicants
  • translated work shall not be less than (50) pages with an average of (300) words per page
  • translated work shall present an integral unit that has a complete meaning in case a part of the original work was translated
  • translator(s) should not have previously applied for the award for the same work
  • candidate should not have won the prize at the previous session during the last 2 years
  • translated work shall be submitted under the name of the student(s) who translated it and the faculty member supervising
  • supervisor must be a member of PSU community
  • languages of translation allowed in the competition are Arabic and English
  • committee shall withhold the award if the results of the refereeing is less than 70%

Prince Sultan University Translation Award for Undergraduate Students 2019/2020

Despite the challenging circumstances the world went through in 2020 due to the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, and the difficulties faced by the education sector in all respects, Prince Sultan University was very keen to continue all its extracurricular activities including the competitions. The university strived to encourage students to continue their scientific life easily with the availability of technology and social media channels, which, thanks to God, has made our lives easier. From this standpoint, the Translation and Authoring Center (TAC) continued to promote for the Prince Sultan University Translation Award for Undergraduate Students and received the students’ applications. Three teams submitted translated works under the supervision of Prof. Hadeer Abouelnagah, TAC Director, and Ms. Shuaa Al-Rajeh, a faculty member at the College of Engineering - Interior Design Department. All three applications were reviewed and approved by TAC Higher Committee, and were sent afterward to external independent judges. The judges praised the level of applicants and the results were very close in level. Ms. Rufaida Hussain, a Translation student from College of Humanities won the award for translating a book entitled " I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Live" into Arabic under the supervision of Prof. Hadeer Abouelnagah.

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Past Winners

In the academic year 2018/2019, four teams from PSU students applied for the competition. They submitted the required translations and the documents set out in the announcement. All teams worked under the supervision of Dr. Hadeer Aboelnagah. TAC Higher Committee approved all 4 application and sent the submissions to the referees. The wining team is the second team who submitted an Arabic-English translation project that was entitled “دور الجامعات الإسلامية في الحضارة الإنسانية”. The winning team members are:

  • Maha Ibrahim
  • Rawan Alrajal
  • Ahad Alshugair
  • Deemah Al Al-sheik
  • Aljoharah Alswailim
  • Alaa abdulraheem
  • Basmah Alosaimi
  • Mashael Albarrak
  • Noura Alrashid