Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Which students are eligible to book tutoring and writing sessions?

Any undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled and studying at PSU can offer such services.
How many appointments can a student book per week?

Students can book up to 5 appointments per week (this is subject to change).
When can a tutee book an appointment?

A tutee has a maximum of 7 days and a minimum of 2 hours to book an appointment before its time.
Can a tutee use their phone or iPad to use the booking system?

Yes. However, we suggest that she uses a PC or a laptop. Using a phone or an iPad will lead to inability to view the page clearly and comfortably.
Would the WC system support reading devices (i.e. screen reading program)?

Yes! There is a link placed at the top of the WCONLINE’s page that allows tutors and tutees to reach the text-only area and help them to use WCONLINE more efficiently. In that location, it is detected and read aloud first by screen-reading software, so it cannot be moved somewhere else on the login page or any other page.
Are WTC tutoring and writing sessions/appointments free of charge?

For the time being, they are free of charge. Any changes to that will be announced via the WTC website.
Can the appointment last longer than one hour if all parties involved have time for that?

Unfortunately, appointments are expected to last for one hour only. However, if a student wishes to continue, they can book another appointment with the same tutor (if available).
Can a student apply as a tutor if they get a (B+) in the course?

No, unfortunately. There is no exception to our requirements to become a tutor. We hope this motivates students to score A+ or A on their current courses so that they can become a tutor next semester.
Can PSU alumni apply as tutors?

No, unfortunately. The services are only available for current students, staff, and faculty members. Coop students (current students) might be eligible to apply.
Can a student book an appointment for any of the courses or only the writing ones?

If enough tutors are available, the WTC will offer tutoring and writing sessions for most of the courses offered at PSU (at any level).
Can a student book an appointment during the final examination period?

This would depend on the schedules of the tutors. However, if possible, the WTC can offer its services during the final examination period.
Does the WTC help with Turnitin and similarity reports?

WTC tutors could help students understand Turnitin and the similarity reports.
Will a student be able to get a writing session for the whole paper/project?

Because appointments last for one hour only, the tutor might not have the time to go over the entire paper. However, this should not discourage anyone from booking another follow-up appointment (if available) and getting some feedback about the rest of the paper.
Does the student have the option to choose whether they can be tutored by an instructor or a student?

Yes, the booking system should show the name of the tutor. Therefore, students should be able to choose their tutors!
Does the student have the option to choose whether they want the appointment to take place online or face-to-face?

Yes, students have the option to book an online or face-to-face appointment. Please make sure you check first whether the appointment you would like to book is an online or a face-to-face one as this is clear on the booking system.
What is the expected time for the offered appointments?

Appointments start from 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Does the WTC offer its services during the summer semester?

Yes, services are available during all academic calendar periods (Fall, Spring, and Summer).
Does the WTC have an email address where students can share their recommendations or suggestions?

Absolutely! Students are more than welcome to share their experiences or recommend/suggest more services to the WTC to this email: (
Can a student book an appointment to practice speaking in English?

Yes! The WTC offers tutoring sessions for the speaking courses. Therefore, students can book an appointment for these courses.
Can students book an appointment, even if they don't have writing assignments, just to improve their overall writing skills and get some practice?

Yes! The WTC aims to help students become better writers eventually. Even if a student does not have an assignment at the moment, they can still book an appointment to share any text written for practice in order to develop their academic writing skills.