Writing and Tutoring Center Services

The main services of the WTC are to:

  • Offer tutoring sessions of all subject matter across all disciplines.
  • Assist students with their writing of outlines, assignments, and projects.
  • Develop students’ language skills.
  • Offer on-campus & off-campus constructive feedback on writing.
  • Generate Turnitin reports and provide consultations for academic integrity to avoid plagiarism.
  • Train students to become tutors themselves (i.e. peer reviewers).

The WTC offers the following services:

Tutoring services:

  • Providing academic tutoring sessions supervised by instructors along with the collaboration of senior students from all colleges to enhance the learning of all subject matter
  • Hosting expert webinars, seminars, and tutorial sessions to provide insights and guidelines on academic skills and knowledge of all subjects (English, Mathematics, etc.)
  • Offering resources that will enhance learner autonomy

Writing services:

  • Providing academic assistance to students’ writing projects supervised by English instructors from the CHS along with the collaboration of senior students through:
  1. Synchronous sessions: online or face-to-face in a designated place (the tutor’s office/library)
  2. Asynchronous feedback: students who have deadlines to meet may not have the time to schedule a session so they can use the asynchronous feedback system. Students can upload their papers or writing on the WTC website to obtain asynchronous feedback. Within a week or less, they would receive brief feedback (general correction) on grammatical errors, mechanics, punctuation, and overall sentence structure. However, this service is not offered right now and will be launched later.
  • Offering online resources such as manuals and instruction: introducing students to various writing styles and formats (including APA & MLA styles of citation, referencing, using articles and other resources, quotations and paraphrasing, and plagiarism)

Other services:

  • Offering an online course on academic integrity and plagiarism (certificates will be instantly awarded)
  • Providing research training on creating questions, abstracts, literaturereview, writing a bibliography, etc.
  • Forming academic study groups where students are offered opportunitiesto form social circles & work collectively in helping each other with theirwriting skills
  • Encouraging national & international collaboration opportunities through the International Affairs Office (IAO)